Our Story

The evolution of the name:

During the summer of 2015 when I had decided to proceed with my idea of building a restaurant, I had to first come up with a name. My first ideas were “Steveston Seafood Grill, Gordo’s diner, G’s Burger House and so on. After much thought, I finally decided on the name “Gordy’s Kitchen”,

Just when I thought we were all set to go in 2016, there was a slight twist. That summer, I went back to visit my family in Asia. While I was there, one night I went out to a wine bar with my older brother and younger sister. We were chatting about how fun and exciting this new restaurant will be and how eager I am to start a new and fun dining culture. That was when I said “I am going to treat this like a playground more than a work place”. This was when the idea struck me to call it “Chef’s playground” the place where a Chef can play and really have fun creating food. Not only will everyone will enjoy eating the food, chefs also get to enjoy the creation process. My sister then jumped up with excitement saying “This is a great name! It’s much better than Gordy’s Kitchen”. This was the night our restaurant name came to be “Chef’s Playground Eatery”

 ” I don’t come to work, I come to play”
Gordon Wu
owner & head chef


Gordon Wu (Owner & Head Chef)

With over 15 years of experience Gordon’s childhood interest has always been cooking. He says “My favourite tv show when I was a kid was iron chef (Japanese version). I will spend more time watching food network then cartoon.”

Gordon first started working in Winnipeg as a kitchen helper when he realized his true passion of working in a restaurant. He then moved onto working at a Japanese restaurant to develop his skills in Japanese cuisine.

Since studying at the art Institute of Vancouver in culinary art and hospitality in 2007, Gordon continues to pursue his cooking adventures and passion, loving to consistently bring joy through his work delivering the most fresh and local ingredients to the table for everyone to enjoy.